About Us

Sustainability must
be fashion’s first priority

The fashion industry is one of the largest, most resource intensive industries. It is a powerful engine for global growth and development, but the current model is pushing the earth beyond its planetary boundaries and challenging social justice. The industry accounts for 4% of greenhouse gas emissions, 20% of industrial water pollution globally and workers face issues such as hazardous environment and low wages.

Already today, the fashion industry finds itself in a transformational state where company owners and shareholders seek to protect the long-term viability of their investments and acknowledge clear business opportunities by increasing their commitment to sustainable development and purpose. A great opportunity for long-lasting and purpose-driven value creation is apparent, calling for creative leadership to champion change management and forward-looking approaches to progress by redefining measures of success and decoupling growth from resource constraints.

We urge you as industry leaders to investigate new business models outside current market mechanisms to drive change, implement innovation and tap into collaborative business opportunities. This is not only essential to future-proof your business, but it is also crucial for humanity to operate within planetary boundaries and to meet the needs of future generations.


We consider brands and retailers at the core of securing comprehensive change and increasing the industry’s sustainability performance across the value chain to ensure that sustainability is a strategic priority. we spearhead the fashion industry’s journey towards a more sustainable future.